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A strong product range and expert knowledge

The great success of hebro®chemie is principally due to our main product areas: ‘Paint detackification and water treatment’, ‘Coolants and metalworking fluids’, ‘Cleaning and surface treatment products’ and ‘Maintenance and repair products’.

We supplement these fields with additional branded products, some of which are now sold under the umbrella of hebro®brand. The products in each of these areas stand out due to their efficiency and peak quality. Together, they add up to make hebro®chemie a premium supplier with a comprehensive range of products.

Our development focuses on your production process

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Our product range


High process reliability for different paint systems thanks to paint detackification by hebro®chemie.

Water treatment

Water is one of the most precious resources on Earth.

Lubricants and metalworking fluids

Lubricating coolants and grinding compounds to ensure a longer service life for your tools.

Cutting and drawing oils

Special-purpose oils for exceptional product performance and lubrication as well as high process reliability.

Coolant treatment

Coolant additives from hebro®chemie can efficiently prevent corrosion, scale deposits and flocculation.

Surface technology

Clean surfaces are a fundamental prerequisite for many process steps.

Aluminium finishing

Aluminium finishing – hebro®chemie products for perfect surfaces.

Maintenance and repair

Prevent wear and tear with products from hebro®chemie and increase the service life of your equipment.


Cleaning and care products

Our cleaning and care products can be found in the ‘Surface treatment’ category.

Our brands

Fauch products

Boilers come in many different designs, and with many different capacities and outputs, and can therefore malfunction for any number of reasons.

Hivolin products

The products from hebro®mosol provide powerful water conditioning and corrosion protection for the food industry.


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