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Maintenance and repair

Prevent wear and tear with products from hebro and increase the service life of your equipment

Only optimal care, maintenance and repairs of existing systems can prevent premature wear and tear and ensure a long service life and smooth operations.

Maintenance and repair

Lubricants and ancillary products

The use of suitable lubricants and ancillary products extends the service life and runtime of machines significantly and prevents production downtime.

Releasing and anti-seize agents

Releasing products from hebro® have strong chemical bonding characteristics to nearly all mould materials. As a result, high demoulding rates are achieved per coating application – increasing your cost-efficiency.

Corrosion protection products

The premium products offered by hebro®chemie ensure optimal corrosion protection and preserve the value of your systems. They also protect your parts for storage and transport.

Other special-purpose products

Other high-quality hebro®products for system maintenance and value preservation complete this product group.

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Fauch products

Boilers come in many different designs, and with many different capacities and outputs, and can therefore malfunction for any number of reasons.

Fuels contain sulphur and other substances that form incombustible deposits on the boiler walls during firing, even if the optimal settings are used. Even small deposits can result in a significant increase in the temperature of the exhaust gas, causing higher fuel consumption.

The tried-and-tested brand products in the Fauch series reliably remove these deposits and therefore increase the efficiency of your boiler.

We have the right product for any operations whether they use solid, oil or gas-heated boiler systems.

Other special-purpose products such as leakage testing sprays for localising leaks in gas pipes and a filler system for re-pressurising expansion vessels when they lose pressure are also included in our product range, as well as a product for removing initial rust.


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